Binary Profit Cloner Review

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Binary Profit Cloner Review


Product Name: Binary Profit Cloner

Product Author: Andrew Bateman


What Do You Get? :
Trade Cloning software

Where To Buy:

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Brief Summary:  
Binary Profit Cloner from Andrew Bateman is a piece of software that allows you to “clone” or copy the real life trades that Andrew, a professional Binary Options trader for over 20 years makes. Whenever he places a trade it is automatically copied and placed for you in your account.
Headline: Binary Profit “Cloning Technology” Makes $200 – $1,000 in Profit Every Single Day On Autopilot, Safely, Steadily, And Even Reacts To Sudden Market Changes… 

How does binary profit clonerwork?

Binary Profit Cloner claims to be so profitable because it is not dependent on any algorithms or indicators but instead actively follows Mr. Bateman’s trades. He alleges that this allows the Binary Profit Cloner to take advantage of situations a traditional trading robot could not such as world events. The software actually carries out the same trades for each user as Mr. Bateman carries out in his day to day business.

What does the product offer?

The software is designed to operate as a “clone” of Mr. Bateman that, as mentioned above, will automatically mimic any binary options trades that he makes. The software has been set up so this allegedly happens in real time. Mr. Bateman claims to have almost 30 years of experience dealing in Forex and binary options and it is this experience that he says makes his product superior to other methods.

What is the rate of return?

Mr. Bateman alleges that by using Binary Profit Cloner he can offer a daily ROI of 5%. This effectively doubles your investment every month “with minimal losses and barely any risk”.

What is the initial investment?

The product sells for $47 for a lifetime subscription. Mr. Bateman says that this is an introductory offer and he has every intention of increasing the price and model of his software by introducing a monthly subscription fee in the near future. There is also a 60 day guarantee in place should the product not perform as expected.

 Is Binary Profit Cloner a Scam?

We have tested the Binary Profit Cloner and from our report it is a valuable ebook that gives value to the clients, and we highly recommend buying it.

We have also checked other reviews on the net and they are 94% encouraging so we can recommend it and know that it is not a scam. Many people have bought it and have reported that their results are very good, and they are satisfied with the purchase.

There are many scam ebooks at the General domain, that promise a lot but rarely deliver. This is not one of them: the Binary Profit Cloner gets the job done and provides you with real value.

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Bottom line:

Stop wasing time and claim your copy right NOW:


Binary Profit Cloner Review

Binary Profit Cloner 

Binary Profit Cloner Review

Binary Profit Cloner 

 Andrew Bateman

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